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  Growing up in coastal Georgia, Kevin was  fortunate to be taught and appreciate catching and enjoying local fish, as well as a love for surfing and being close to the ocean.

   After spending several years cooking in the southeast, hIs cooking skill and passion for surfing landed Kevin a position as chef of a surf resort in Nicaragua, and then opening a new resort in El salvador. 

  In 2005 Kevin landed on Kauai with the idea of becoming a private chef, but no idea where to start. Luckily the chance to cook one dinner in a home got his foot in the door and has since opened opportunities to cook for various clients here on Kauai as well as travel jobs to Aspen, San Francisco, Dallas, Martha's Vineyard, and the Caribbean 


Available to cook for a single dinner party, drop off meal services, Breakfast lunch and dinner prepared every day, or any other variation 

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